Better decisions through world class system integration.

We connect systems that interact with a high level of re-use and put you in control of present and future changes. We call it controlled flexibility. By enabling the use of data driven solutions based on the integration of systems sharing services and data in a system-of-systems – you can make better decisions faster.

An integration agile strategy enables controlled flexibility

At Sinetiq, we specialize in system integration, combining strategies and software for independence, interoperability, and reusability among software applications.


Sinetiq Framework

Sinetiq Framework consists of Sinetiq Strategic Integration Concepts and Sinetiq Core Software, which helps you with complex integrations and ensures controlled flexibility in an ever-changing IT environment.

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Sinetiq Core Sandbox

Sinetiq Sandbox is provided to you as a cloud service instance, hosted by Sinetiq, to be used for evaluation, development, testing, training, and more.

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Integration Agility Assessment (IAA)

IAA is a status control analyzing how service-oriented the current architecture is and what improvements should be considered.

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Extendable Test Tool (xTT)

xTT supports testing personnel in many testing situations, ranging from component testing to advanced scenario testing, with a component-based approach.

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System architecture

Introduction and development of service-oriented architecture and development process in a component-based system or specific product. For companies that are considering starting with micro-services or service-oriented development.

System-of-systems integration

System-of-systems integration (component-based systems) for companies that are in the process of developing a service-oriented system.

Integration of monolith systems

For companies that are in the process of digitizing their business by integrating systems from different suppliers and need support to make everything work.

Sinetiq Framework implementation

Implementation expertise and customized functionality based on Sinetiq Framework and Eclipse Arrowhead Framework (open source). For companies that want a complete service-oriented architecture product core including adaptation and support from Sinetiq.

System validation

Testing, verification, and validating customers’ systems-of-systems. For companies needing reliable and repeatable compliance for their product or system.

Support and maintenance

For all companies that need to maintain working system integrations for their business or that want to stay in control in a system-of-system environment.

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Sinetiq at leading architecture conference: Insights from QCon London

In early April, Sinetiq participated in QCon London, a leading conference for software architecture. Our representatives, David Rutqvist and Fredrik Blomstedt, spent three days exploring the latest trends in solution architecture. They delved into various topics, from success stories transitioning from legacy COTS architectures to API-driven and highly scalable cloud-native solutions to emerging data mesh architectures and the critical role of testing the information flow for reliable integrations.

May 7, 2024

Sinetiq prepares for a growth journey – Our COO Linnea Segerlund shares her visions

Since Linnea Segerlund started as Sinetiq’s new COO at the beginning of the year, it has been full speed ahead. She has quickly made herself at home and is now looking forward to an intensive recruitment period and growth journey due to high demand and a well-filled order book.

March 22, 2024

Sinetiq launches four products for agile system integrations

Sinetiq launches four products to meet companies’ growing need for flexible and scalable integrations. The product offering includes, among other things, software and strategies to meet both current and future needs.

February 28, 2024