Better decisions through world class system integration.

We connect systems that interact with a high level of re-use and put you in control of present and future changes. We call it controlled flexibility. By enabling the use of data driven solutions based on the integration of systems sharing services and data in a system-of-systems – you can make better decisions faster.

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Digital solutions for improved corrugated cardboard

Sinetiq is involved in the new project DigitCorr2 that is aiming at a sustainable solution to boost production of corrugated cardboard. Increased demand pushes the industry to increase both quality and productivity. Changing consumer habits, increased online shopping and a greater focus on sustainability is creating greater demand for corrugated cardboard, that already is the … Continued

July 6, 2022

Celebrating one year with moving to new facilities!

We started our journey with Sinetiq in May of last year with a well-defined business idea and an ambitious team of three. We were convinced that the timing was right and that the opportunities were out there just waiting to be addressed. The idea of starting almost from scratch was both challenging and inspiring, creating … Continued

May 2, 2022

Welcome to Sinetiq Henrik!

It’s time to welcome yet another member to our growing team of worlds-class consultants. Henrik Bylund joined us on April 19th. He has more than twenty years of experience ranging from Financial Technology to Government agencies. With this he has built a very strong background in system architecture and development.

April 29, 2022

Our services

System architecture

Introduction and development of service-oriented architecture and development process in a system or specific product.

System-of-systems integration

System-of-systems integration (service-oriented systems)

Integration of monolith systems

For companies that are in the process of digitizing their business.

Eclipse Arrowhead Framework

Implementation expertise and customized functionality based on the Eclipse Arrowhead Framework.

System validation

Testing, verification and validating customers’ systems-of-systems.

Support and maintenance

For all companies that need to maintain working system integrations for their business or that want to stay in control in a system-of-system environment.