A new direction for service oriented architecture

Sinetiq is strengthening its investment to develop product packages based on service oriented architecture, as a complement to the consulting services they already offer. Mats Johansson is brought on as new Development Manager.

Mats Johansson has extensive experience from both the telecom and defense industries. He was also the project manager for the Arrowhead Project at Luleå University of Technology.

“My journey in service oriented architecture began with my assignments for the Swedish Armed Forces in early 2000s and then continued with several other projects. This means that I have 20 years of experience, with the last 10 years being within Arrowhead.” Says Mats Johansson.

This is not the first occasion that Mats will work together with the team at Sinetiq. During his time as manager for various projects he came in contact with Sinetiq’s sibling-company BnearIT and worked with many of the system architects and system integrators that later went on to form Sinetiq.

“I look forward to working with them again and using our combined experience to create something new. Today, service oriented architecture solutions rely heavily on consulting services. Packaging solutions as a product that can give clients extra leverage is something quite new on the market and it will be an exciting challenge” says Mats Johansson.

During the development process, Mats will work together with the system architects and system integrators at Sinetiq and also close to CEO Karl-Johan Gramner in the decision-making processes.

“We already invest a lot of time in product development in order to offer our clients better solutions and expert support. Mats fully focusing on this will be a great asset for us in this endeavor. His long experience and extensive knowledge will help us pioneer new ways to liberate data and I look forward to having him on our team” says Karl-Johan Gramner, CEO of Sinetiq.