Get to know Raggi Steinsen – our new System Integrator

Let’s introduce our new colleague and outdoor fanatic, Raggi Steinsen. He has taken on the role of a System Integrator at Sinetiq and looks forward to helping our customers gain new insights and make the best decisions possible.

Originally from the land of fire and ice, Iceland, Raggi Steinsen has now lived in Sweden for the past 16+ years. His interest in technology was sparked in the 80s with an Acorn Electron, and now, Raggi is joining Sinetiq as our new System Integrator.

– I’ve been in the IT industry for over 20 years, working as a system developer and a consultant on varied assignments. Technology is constantly evolving, and that is essentially what makes this line of work so exciting. Nothing stays the same, and even with years upon years of experience, there’s always something new to learn, says Raggi Steinsen.

– We are thrilled to welcome Raggi Steinsen to our team. His extensive experience and passion for technology, coupled with his dedication to fostering a collaborative work environment, make him an invaluable addition to Sinetiq. We look forward to seeing the innovative solutions he will bring to our clients, says Linnea Segerlund, COO at Sinetiq.

In his newfound role as a System Integrator, Raggi will, amongst other things, help customers set up digital infrastructure, integrate various components, and make different systems communicate and benefit from each other.

– Many companies have invested in several different types of systems, and it’s a recurring challenge to get the most out of each and make them share information. My job is to help our customers with their system integrations, leading to better insights and well-founded business-critical decisions.

When asked why he chose Sinetiq as his new workplace, Raggi highlights the opportunity to contribute to the company’s offerings and culture.

– Sinetiq is a growing company where people work closely together, helping each other solve daily challenges and co-creating even better solutions for our customers. In this kind of work environment, there are great opportunities to be involved and influence the company’s development. Also, I knew some of my new colleagues from previous workplaces, and everybody has spoken highly of the family-like company culture, which is very important to me.

After more than 16 years in Sweden, most of which have been spent in the north, Raggi has found an industry he enjoys and a highly active spare time.

– Besides work, I’m also a coach for a junior basketball team. But what I love most is being outdoors, whether running long distances, hiking up a mountain, biking, or skiing down the slopes during the winter, Raggi finishes.


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