Say hi to our new colleague, Alex Chiquito!

We welcome the guitar, bass, and drum-playing system integrator and architect Alex Chiquito to the Sinetiq team in Luleå. He is eager to get going, letting his creativity flow and seeing his solutions implemented and used.

Alex Chiquito, originally from Mexico, moved to Sweden in 2019 after being granted a PhD student position in Cyber-physical systems at Luleå University of Technology. But his fascination with technology, spans back a long time.

– I can pinpoint the day my interest in tech began. I was in elementary school during summer break, and my dad, brother, and I were disassembling random old gadgets we had at home. My interest in data, however, began later during college when I started playing with robotics and analytics, says Alex.

His studies have made him an expert in the areas of authorization mechanisms in computer systems, especially applied to service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments. This is something that Alex looks forward to working with at Sinetiq.

– I do share Sinetiq’s vision of making things work. I like their approach of not just creating monolithic solutions for customers, but implementing SOA ideas to make the solutions easier to use and maintain.

As a newly graduated PhD from the university, and with prior experience working at HP, Alex also looks forward to applying and implementing what he has learned so far.

– I have learned about the needs and pains of organizations during my years of working at HP, searching for process improvement in different teams. In combination with the knowledge built during my PhD regarding specific topics, such as cyber-security, I really look forward to seeing my designs and solutions see the light of day, says Alex.

After soon-to-be five years in Luleå, Alex feels he has found a good balance between work and everyday life.

– I have a lot of hobbies, and I like playing guitar, bass, and drums. I am also an avid sim racer and gamer and enjoy board games such as Magic, DnD, and Warhammer miniature painting, Alex concludes.

On December 20, Alex makes his first day at Sinetiq in Luleå, where he is welcomed by the CEO Karl-Johan Gramner.

– We are very happy to welcome Alex to our growing team of experts at Sinetiq. His specialization in authorization mechanisms will add important value to our offerings, says Karl-Johan Gramner, CEO at Sinetiq.


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