Sinetiq prepares for a growth journey – Our COO Linnea Segerlund shares her visions

Since Linnea Segerlund started as Sinetiq’s new COO at the beginning of the year, it has been full speed ahead. She has quickly made herself at home and is now looking forward to an intensive recruitment period and growth journey due to high demand and a well-filled order book.

In a time when digitization is supposed to improve everything: faster decisions, higher efficiency, and increased profitability through improved access to data, the need for fast, flexible integration and interoperability becomes increasingly apparent. Linnea Segerlund, Sinetiq’s new COO, has realized the importance of helping customers navigate the digital transformation that is reshaping society.

– As the number of systems increases, or the current ones become more extensive, it becomes difficult to manage and maintain the increasingly complex infrastructure, which leads to high costs and low effectiveness. We help our customers connect and maintain every part of their IT environment so that they can utilize all parts to their full potential, and easily change or add new ones as they go. The demand for our products and services is very high, and it’s great to be a part of this journey.

Sinetiq wants to double the number of employees

Sinetiq has entered 2024 with a stacked order book, and projects are underway with customers such as Scania, Apollo, and Swedish Customs. In addition, the company is an important part of the EU-funded Arrowhead fPVN project and collaborates with national and international universities and companies. Service-oriented architecture and integration of component-based solutions are the common denominators for all of them. Linnea has taken a leading role in the recruitment process to meet the continued demand.

– We want to double our number of employees within two years, regarding both the offices in Luleå and Stockholm. Sinetiq is a great workplace for people who want to be part of a growth journey, work in an innovative environment, and have flexible assignments as system architects or integrators, says Linnea.

Unlike many other IT companies, Sinetiq offers employees a unique balance between working on customer projects and in-house product development. This means that the whole team gathers continuously to collaborate, a very appreciated feature of everyday work life.

– Our internal projects mean a lot to us and are a good way to build a strong team spirit. It’s also an excellent opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, or challenges you’ve encountered in your projects. I am incredibly proud to have such competent and humble employees here to help each other.

Leadership in focus – a culture of openness and participation

Linnea emphasizes the importance of creating a work environment characterized by psychological security where employees dare to share ideas, ask questions, and discuss mistakes.

– We want to create a culture of openness, commitment, and participation. My main goal as a leader is to inspire and support an environment where everyone feels safe sharing their ideas and opinions. I work actively to create a culture where every employee feels included, important, and respected, explains Linnea.

In her role as COO, Linnea will dedicate time to work for increased diversity and equality in the workplace. This is also one of Sinetiq’s strategic goals and is included in its business plan. Linnea has, amongst other things, initiated a collaboration with the organization Teknikkvinnor.

– At my first meeting with Sinetiq, I was impressed by the focus on creating an open and inclusive workplace. Research shows that diversity strengthens a company in every aspect. I am proud of our partnership with Teknikkvinnor and look forward to working together to promote diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, says Linnea enthusiastically.

Future visions and new office premises

With the recruitment process in full swing, Linnea has already secured new office premises in both Luleå and Stockholm.

– Larger premises are necessary when expanding with new employees and customers in both cities. I am happy to announce that we have found new, modern office premises in both Luleå and Stockholm. I think it’s especially fun with these places, as I’m from Norrbotten but have worked in Stockholm for the past eight years. The next office after that I hope to be abroad, that would be something! Linnea concludes with a smile.


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