We offer a wide range of services and product components to help our clients become more efficient and profitable by re-use of data and services to put you in control of present and future changes. These are a some of the service packages we offer. If you have any need that is not met here, please contact us and we will tailor a solution for you.

System architecture

Introduction and development of service-oriented architecture and development process in a system or specific product.

For companies that are considering starting with service-oriented development

System-of-systems integration

System-of-systems integration (service-oriented systems)

For companies that in the process of developing a service-oriented system.

Integration of monolith systems

For companies that are in the process of digitizing their business by integrating systems from different suppliers and are in need of support to make everything work.

Eclipse Arrowhead Framework

Implementation expertise and customized functionality based on the Eclipse Arrowhead Framework (open source).

For companies that want a complete service-oriented architecture product core including adaptation and support from Sinetiq.

System validation

Testing, verification and validating customers’ systems-of-systems.

For companies in need of building a reliable and repeatable compliance for their product or system

Support and maintenance

For all companies that need to maintain working system integrations for their business or that want to stay in control in a system-of-system environment.