Strategy and software enabling integration agility

We lower costs and save time for organizations with increasingly complex and expensive systems by creating long-term agile integration environments.

Are you keeping up with digitalization?

The world is moving faster than ever, and disruptive digitalization trends such as AI, machine learning, IoT, and big data are increasing the demand for flexible and scalable solutions.

Traditional monolithic systems lack the flexibility to meet these new requirements, and organizations looking for a more flexible solution struggle to find a future-proof and scalable approach.

Lack of compatibility

Systems based on one single technology stack are limited in exchanging data and working together with other systems.

Limited scalability

Due to the unitary structure of a monolith, scaling or changing one component often leads to more work, as one part may impact others.

Increased maintenance work

As a monolith keeps growing over time, it gets more complex and more challenging to manage and maintain for the development team.

An integration agile strategy enables controlled flexibility

At Sinetiq, we specialize in system integration, combining strategies and software for independence, interoperability, and reusability among software applications.

We offer a complete portfolio of products and services, ranging from analysis, integration, and implementation to ready-to-launch software, testbeds, and test tools.


Sinetiq Framework

Sinetiq Framework consists of Sinetiq Strategic Integration Concepts and Sinetiq Core Software, which helps you with complex integrations and ensures controlled flexibility in an ever-changing IT environment.

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Sinetiq Core Sandbox

Sinetiq Sandbox is provided to you as a cloud service instance, hosted by Sinetiq, to be used for evaluation, development, testing, training, and more.

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Integration Agility Assessment (IAA)

IAA is a status control analyzing how service-oriented the current architecture is and what improvements should be considered.

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Extendable Test Tool (xTT)

xTT supports testing personnel in many testing situations, ranging from component testing to advanced scenario testing, with a component-based approach.

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System architecture

Introduction and development of service-oriented architecture and development process in a component-based system or specific product. For companies that are considering starting with micro-services or service-oriented development.

System-of-systems integration

System-of-systems integration (component-based systems) for companies that are in the process of developing a service-oriented system.

Integration of monolith systems

For companies that are in the process of digitizing their business by integrating systems from different suppliers and need support to make everything work.

Sinetiq Framework implementation

Implementation expertise and customized functionality based on the Sinetiq Framework and Eclipse Arrowhead Framework (open source). For companies that want a complete service-oriented architecture product core including adaptation and support from Sinetiq.

System validation

Testing, verification, and validating customers’ systems-of-systems. For companies needing reliable and repeatable compliance for their product or system.

Support and maintenance

For all companies that need to maintain working system integrations for their business or that want to stay in control in a system-of-system environment.

Give your business a competitive edge

We provide businesses with strategic and operational advantages to ensure longevity, efficient resource utilization, and reliability in an evolving digital landscape.

By fostering a culture of controlled flexibility, organizations can navigate and adapt to dynamic market conditions, enhance innovation, and drive development forward.

Future-proof architecture

With integration agile operations, you can quickly meet new requirements and test, validate, and add preferred technologies as you go.

Improved reusability

Increase the ROI of your legacy systems by reusing existing services and enabling exchange of information between old and new components.

Efficient maintenance

Simplify maintenance work by updating individual services or components independently, minimizing disruptions in the overall system.

Sinetiq supports your digitalization journey

At Sinetiq, we work along the entire value chain. From analyzing IT landscapes and business needs to consultation regarding strategy, integration, and implementation.

We offer a unique product portfolio based on the Sinetiq Framework. It is compatible with other frameworks and platforms, such as Eclipse Arrowhead, which we are a key partner of.

Dedicated team

Our experienced consultants support small and large enterprise organizations in forming a long-term integration agile strategy.

International network

We have a broad network of international partners and customers within various industry verticals to drive development forward.

Collaboration with academia

As an industry-leading company, we run joint projects with the academic world to find new solutions and application areas.

20 +

20+ years of experience

For the last 20 years, Sinetiq has been one of the main driving forces for developing and implementing integration agile strategies.

300 %

300% faster implementations

In recent projects, our work has sped up the customers’ processes of introducing new functionalities by up to 300%.

1 x

1 magnitude less time for change

The process and time needed for making changes is reduced by up to one full magnitude. Years become months, months become days, days become hours. What cost savings would this mean for you?