Welcome to Sinetiq David!

Sinetiq is expanding once more, and with the recruitment of David Rutqvist we’re beginning to execute our strategy to establish our presence in the Stockholm region. David is originally from Luleå and has a background in system architecture and integration. Since his move to Stockholm three years ago he has worked as an IT consultant. As a top talent, he has been offered several challenging opportunities and his track record has proven his capabilities. Most recently he held the position of Engineering Manager at one of Europe’s largest Fin-Tech companies, where he spearheaded the development of a public API to facilitate a new type of integration with the company’s service.

“I’m thrilled to be able use my experience and commitment to system integration in helping Sinetiq grow and expand by pursuing architecture and integration projects in the Stockholm region. There’s a tremendous need for concrete experiences of successful integrations, especially today when more and more functions are offered as cloud solutions.”

“David is a strategic top-level recruitment for us at Sinetiq and a crucial first step in establishing Sinetiq in the Stockholm region, says Karl-Johan Gramner, CEO at Sinetiq. David has a background in the key concepts we are building our architecture and integration offerings on, and at the same time he has hands-on experience from working in this field at one of the most forward-looking Fin-Tech companies in Europe. David will inspire us and our customers in building World Class System Integration.”

David will join our journey on January 29, 2022.