Do you want to be a part of our team as we help our clients achieve success? We are a growing company, and we are always looking for new talents that are as nerdy and dedicated about system architecture and system integration as we are. If this sounds like a place for you then please send us your details in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

System Integrator

The main task of a System Integrator is to make systems communicate with each other. You do this by setting up infrastructure and middleware, create services and integrating the components. The System Integrator has a vast toolbox of components at hand as well as the skill to add new capabilities to existing user components.

System Architect

Drawing the blueprint of a system-of-systems is the passion of the System Architect. Looking into the current or future system layout, taking it apart, define the components and make them interact with each other. The goal is to transform the requirements into a flexible system-of-systems where the client is in control of the application instead the other way around.

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