Equality between men and women means that women and men have the same rights, opportunities and obligations in all areas. Gender equality is a natural part of our business, for example in recruitment and competence development.


Gender equality work shall permeate the entire business. The aim of the company’s equality policy is to inform the company’s employees about how the company works with gender equality.


Objectives for gender equality work
The objective of the gender equality work within the business is that workplaces, working methods, work organization and working conditions shall be arranged so that they are suitable for both women and men. That both women and men can reconcile gainful employment with parenthood. No employee shall be subjected to sexual harassment or harassed because a complaint of sexual discrimination has been made. Sexual harassment means any unwelcome sexual approaches or statements. Women and men shall have equal opportunities for employment, training, promotion and development at work. Women and men shall have equal pay for work of equal value. The business must work to ensure that no one is subjected to gender discrimination, i.e. not disadvantaged by gender.

Written documentation
When the company, at the beginning of the calendar year, employs 25 or more workers during the year it must document the work of active measures in writing.

Active measures mean preventive and promoting work to combat discrimination and in other ways to promote equal rights and opportunities regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age.

The employer fulfils the documentation work continuously and makes the necessary adjustments to achieve a more equal workplace.

Payroll survey
One step in the gender equality work is to make a payroll survey. The purpose of the survey is to detect, correct and prevent unjustified differences in pay and other terms of employment between women and men. In addition, it shall be noted whether the pay gap between groups of employees may be due to a certain type of work that by tradition is dominated by women. The payroll survey shall be documented in writing, provided that the business has 10 or more employees.


The CEO has an overall responsibility for ensuring that laws and regulations are followed at different levels and that targeted gender equality work is carried out. Each manager is responsible for monitoring and ensuring that the intentions of the gender equality work are followed. All managers are also responsible for documenting the active measures that are being carried out, setting up payroll survey and implementing the measures that have been worked out. Everyone within the business shall work together to achieve gender equality in the workplace.