We have more than 17 years of experience in system integration, using service-oriented architecture and practical development of component-based systems. We work with both national and international clients and with our unique expertise we help them increase their profits and strengthen their competitiveness by letting them focus on their core business.

We have a test-and-simulation tool that is our primary component in service-oriented projects for manual and automatic testing as well as test and trial operations.

Put simply:

we make IT work

Our History

(… and yes, we read a lot of sci-fi)

The story of Sinetiq begins when the century has taken its first stumbling steps, at the 29th of April 2003. In a prosperous time when the Nordic countries were facing an extensive period of peace, the Swedish Armed Forces decided to launch an ambitious program to integrate the new paradigm Service Oriented Architecture, or SOA, in the development of new Command and Control systems. In this innovative and fruitful mixture of software development, methodology development and personnel development, the core competence of Sinetiq was formed. In the center of this maelstrom of competence an ingenious group of people grasped the true potential of this new concept and defined the term System Integration. By luck, by coincidence and most likely by some bright minds the concept was understood to have a long-lasting potential to change the software industry forever.

The concept was praised, questioned, cast aside, and revived during the course of time, leading to a new exposure in the Arrowhead project. This time the energy domain and later the process industry called for some intelligent integration methods in order to handle the eternal quest for further integration of more systems. The knowledge from the Armed Forces were reshaped into a Industry 4.0 fashion and further refined by the academic domain and industry research labs around Europa. Once again, the concept of Service Oriented Architecture and its sibling Component Based Architecture proved to be a solid tool for handling of the complexity of flexibility. Orchestration and Choreography of Systems-of-Systems became a reality.

By the end of the second decade of the third millennium the SOA concept had matured into Containers, Microservices and Cloud Computing. Although these tools proven to be powerful in orchestrating the flexibility of Systems-of-Systems, still the software industry lacks the confidence to adopt to the new paradigm. Sinetiq was therefore founded in order to make sure that the world would benefit from the gathered knowledge of nearly 20 years of implementing various aspects of the Service Oriented Architecture.