Sinetiq joins the digitalization project Arrowhead fPVN

Sinetiq has joined the EU-supported Arrowhead fPVN project alongside 42 other partners from 13 countries. Partnering companies are, to mention a few, Stora Enso, Northvolt, AFRY, Leonardo, and Siemens. The 3-year project is funded by the European Union body KDT-JU, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, other participating countries, and partners. It has a total budget of 350 million SEK, is led by Luleå University of Technology, and aims to create interoperability between independent systems in manufacturing industries’ IT environment. When fully implemented, the long-term goal is to double European industrial productivity.

Today’s digital society produces more data and information than ever. However, many industries need help to reuse and take advantage of the information each system produces. There is also a need to coordinate data from different vendors, suppliers, consumers, and others to gain new insights and a foundation for improvement. So, the Arrowhead fPVN technology will automate the communication between each actor and system in the supply chain.

Over the last two decades, the people behind Sinetiq have gained extensive experience from being part of previous Arrowhead projects. In this one, we are the second-largest contributor from Sweden. We will contribute with our unique competence and practical experience in implementing service-oriented architecture, system integration, and component-based systems at an international level. Autonomous and evolvable interoperability will be achieved through common project technology based on three pillars:

  • Microservices paradigm,
  • Utilization of major industrially accepted data models,
  • Automatic translation between the data models.

We are excited to begin this project and explore new avenues of cooperation with research and academia, as well as other international commercial partners!

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