Sinetiq visited Sankt Pölten for a Deep Tech Workshop

In late September, partners from the Arrowhead fPVN project gathered in the Austrian city of Sankt Pölten for a Deep Tech Workshop. The two-day workshop mainly focused on experience and knowledge sharing through presentations and group discussions. Per Olofsson and David Rutqvist represented Sinetiq.

Sinetiq is one of the project’s most experienced companies regarding service-oriented architecture and even more so when implementing it in commercial production environments. During the two days, we were able to network with, and introduce new partners to the Arrowhead fPVN project and provide them with valuable knowledge and insights. We also listened to their challenges and concerns to identify future focus areas regarding research and development.

Day 1

The two-day workshop started with a celebration ceremony concerning the new research facilities built in Sankt Pölten.  After the ceremony, the Arrowhead and AIMS projects were introduced along with the roadmap work and the main changes regarding Arrowhead Core Framework version 5.0.

Later, the participants were split into groups to discuss Arrowhead architecture, data models and standardization, data translation methods, and how to get started as a newcomer.

– There is a large competence gap to fill between the new Arrowhead participants and the more experienced ones. Therefore, we must start with the most fundamental concepts. For instance, sharing knowledge about Service Oriented Architecture, Component Based Architecture, and how testing works, says Per Olofsson, Head of System Integrations at Sinetiq.

 Day 2

The second day consisted of a discussion about IOT Service Discovery and Monitoring services with a following demonstration of Service Registry and Orchestration concepts. The workshop ended with a presentation of a papermill project where a commercial system was integrated using the Arrowhead architecture, conducted by Per from Sinetiq.


– The biggest outtake from the workshop was how to translate data models with super-ontologies. It has the potential to automate translations within a whole industry segment, which should be considered a big step forward. In conclusion, we are pleased to have contributed with our expertise, and we are glad to welcome new project partners to Arrowhead, says Per Olofsson.


About Arrowhead fVPN

The Arrowhead fPVN project consists of 43 partners from 13 countries. Partnering companies are, to mention a few, Stora Enso, Northvolt, AFRY, Leonardo, and Siemens. The 3-year project is funded by the European Union body KDT-JU, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, other participating countries, and partners. It has a total budget of 350 million SEK, is led by Luleå University of Technology, and aims to create interoperability between independent systems in manufacturing industries’ IT environment. When fully implemented, the long-term goal is to double European industrial productivity.

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