Celebrating one year with moving to new facilities!

We started our journey with Sinetiq in May of last year with a well-defined business idea and an ambitious team of three. We were convinced that the timing was right and that the opportunities were out there just waiting to be addressed. The idea of starting almost from scratch was both challenging and inspiring, creating a lot of energy and motivation.

Looking back, Sinetiq has turned out better than we ever could have expected and even though the pace has been high and demanding we couldn’t ask for a better start. We have exceeded our targets and had the pleasure to grow the company and build a fantastic team of six that are all eager to continue our journey.

Looking ahead, we will not only move to new and beautiful facilities at the iconic building Bryggeriet in Luleå, but we are also continuing our growth journey both by expanding the team and by building our first set of components that will form our product offering in the service oriented area. The offering will be backed by support from the Sinetiq team of experts in integrating the components together with the service oriented architecture into commercial production environments as well as at product development companies.

Looking forward to many more rewarding years with Sinetiq!


Karl-Johan Gramner
CEO, Sinetiq


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