Digital solutions for improved corrugated cardboard

Sinetiq is involved in the new project DigitCorr2 that is aiming at a sustainable solution to boost production of corrugated cardboard. Increased demand pushes the industry to increase both quality and productivity.

Changing consumer habits, increased online shopping and a greater focus on sustainability is creating greater demand for corrugated cardboard, that already is the most used material for transport packaging in the world. The DigitCorr2 project is examining how data-driven production coordination can contribute to both production savings and better product functionality. Project parties are Stora Enso Packaging, Metsä Board, Viking Analytics and Sinetiq. The project is coordinated by RISE.

– Exchanging information about product, function and process conditions is a stumbling block for coordinated production. A growing understanding of possible production savings and better functionality means that more and more companies are willing to revise their views on information exchange, says Peter Hansen, senior researcher in papermaking processes at RISE.

The service-oriented Arrowhead technology enabling the digital data exchange between the DigitCorr2 project parties is developed and implemented by Sinetiq.

– Sinetiq’s task is all about digitizing the data exchange to enable controlled and yet flexible cooperation in the value chain between the project parties. That task is spot on with our mission, says Karl-Johan Gramner, CEO at Sinetiq.


The DigitCorr2 project is carried out within the Strategic Innovation Program Process Industrial IT and Automation, a joint venture by Vinnova, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency.





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