Now hiring: Chief Operating Officer

We’re now looking for a Chief Operating Officer to join us for the next phase of our growth journey.

We’re now looking for a Chief Operating Officer to join us for the next phase of our growth journey. The recruitment process is managed by Executive Search Specialist Tomas Blomster at BESI.

Sinetiq is looking for an innovative and business-oriented COO to lead the growing business operation

There is an international trend where companies are looking to use their already-made systems and equipment investments, replace some parts with new ones, to make the systems “talk to each other”. Sinetiq is currently in a strong growth phase and is looking for a COO responsible for leading product development, recruitment, and maintaining the position as a world-leading company within service-oriented system integration.

Sinetiq is looking for you who are driven by making profitable business. You have many years of experience in leadership and being responsible for product and development departments. Your work is always focused on long-term and sustainable business solutions that create operational improvements for the customer.

About the role

As Sinetiq’s COO, you are responsible for operational business and technical deliveries. You are a part of the management team and report directly to the CEO. You are also responsible for the strategic direction of business management, distribution, and production. The goal is to create an optimal value chain.

Tasks and requested experience

  • Experience in strategic planning on a management level.
  • Broad network and an interest in business growth and recruitment.
  • Business-minded.
  • Product development.
  • Experience in system architecture, system development, and system integration within IT.
  • Experience in reviewing legal documents to verify accuracy and compliance with contract and license provisions.
  • The ability to manage a number of projects simultaneously.
  • Personnel responsibility with the ability to inspire and lead a team toward success.
  • Creative and critical thinking.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.

Sinetiq’s COO is pragmatic, believes in entrepreneurship, has high integrity, and works with an open mind for innovation and new business opportunities. You are skilled at prioritizing, enthusiastic, educational and conduct your work with a lack of prestige

Today, Sinetiq has employees in Luleå, Stockholm, and Södertälje. The company believes in flexibility and allows employees to work remotely. The company operates in an international environment, and traveling is expected. The COO must be able to communicate in English and Swedish, both speech and writing, and adapt the communication to different target groups, professions, and company cultures.

You have an academic degree in IT, technology, economics, or equivalent through experience.

At Sinetiq, you are welcomed by a stable employer with good employment and working conditions. Health and well-being together with diversity and equality are also important items on the company agenda.

Location: Luleå or other as agreed.

Welcome to Sinetiq.

For more information about the role, please contact BESI, Authorized Executive Search Consultant Tomas Blomster, at 076–636 57 60. You can find the job application in Swedish here and apply to the position.


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