Sinetiq launches four products for agile system integrations

Sinetiq launches four products to meet companies’ growing need for flexible and scalable integrations. The product offering includes, among other things, software and strategies to meet both current and future needs.

By complementing consulting services with products, Sinetiq offers the experience, knowledge, and tools needed to successfully transition to and maintain integrations open to all types of technologies. The product offering consists of a framework for integration, a cloud-based testbed, a test tool, and a status check of current integrations.

“Digitization is moving fast as trends keep changing and innovations push development forward. With our product offering, we want to help companies whose current systems have become too complex and resource-intensive, but also those who want to avoid such a situation in the future. We do this by creating long-term agile integrations.”

Karl Johan Gramner, CEO Sinetiq

Many companies have monolithic systems that use a technology stack with a uniform, tightly connected structure. It makes replacing or adding components difficult as each part often affects another, leading to lock-in and rampant cost increase.

“With our comprehensive offering, we can help companies no matter where they are on their journey. From creating an understanding of agile system integration to implementing work methods, strategies, and actual products from, for example, open-source or commercial suppliers. The goal is for companies to be able to use their old systems and simultaneously be open to new solutions. It means that the ROI of previous investments increases, and it is possible to test new technologies quickly. At Sinetiq, we practice what we preach, so our products are built to be exchangeable”

In Sinetiq’s customer projects, the time required to introduce new functionality has been reduced by up to 70%. The results have also led to time and cost savings in the maintenance work.

“What used to take our customers years to implement now takes months. Months, in turn, become weeks, and days become hours. At Sinetiq, we look forward to finally reaching the entire market with our offering and ensuring future-proof integrations.”

Take the first step in exploring how Sinetiq can dramatically improve your business. Learn more about our product offering here.


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