System integration over geographical borders

Since the summer of 2022, Sinetiq’s David Rutqvist has been working together with Swedish travel company Apollo to help them integrate their systems with their sibling companies on the European continent.

Since the summer of 2022, Sinetiq’s David Rutqvist has worked together with Swedish travel company Apollo to help them integrate their systems with sibling companies on the European continent.

Apollo is part of the German company DER Touristik, which in turn is owned by The REWE Group. As a large European conglomerate with several companies under one umbrella, system integration is both a challenge and a necessity for continued cooperation and growth.

“My role in this project is as a system architect and I am working together with a team from other parts of Europe. We are helping them develop a solution that translates data from each local regions’ own systems into a common information model used in a new shared system” says David Rutqvist.

The goal is to give DER Touristik the collaborative flexibility to develop a new shared customer facing system, and at the same time allow companies in each country to continue using their current systems.

“If you allow me to get technical for a moment; we are guaranteeing seamless data exchange by establishing an API agreement rooted in the information model we established initially. This API agreement will then be implemented by each business unit into their respective systems. The existing information model in each country serves as the foundation for the shared information model, allowing for integration of a shared customer facing system while still offering regional flexibility in the solution.” Says David Rutqvist.

The new system that Sinetiq is helping integrate with Apollo and other European partners is a form of pilot project that will serve as a model for other companies in the conglomerate. The new system launched to the first business unit in the beginning of 2023.

“The digitalization project we embarked on is a testament to our commitment to drive innovation and improve efficiency across our group. With Sinetiq’s exceptional expertise in architecture, we were able to establish a foundation for seamless integration between our business units. This project not only empowers each unit to reach new heights, but also strengthens our collaboration with our European colleagues. It is an exciting time for us, and I am proud to be a part of this group-wide effort towards a digitally transformed future.” Says Fredrik Åkermo, CIO DER Touristik Nordic (Apollo).

“We are truly amazed by the confidence our client has shown in us, particularly with the architecture solution we developed with them. The successful integration is a testament to the strength of our software architecture and the collaboration between our teams. This is only the start of what we believe will be a long and impactful relationship, as we continue to drive innovation and deliver value through cutting-edge technology.” concludes Karl-Johan Gramner, CEO of Sinetiq.



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